Travel: Florence

The view of Florence from Piazzale Michelangiolo 

DIY: Garden sofa dressing

Personal note:
It has been 5 months since my last post, but I have valid reasons for such a long break!
I will try to summarize the major changes in a few words for you: 
new job, new country, new dreams and a brand new life... 
I am sorry to say that, I am far away from my sewing machine and my DIY equipment. So within this period my posts will be more about travelling, photography and cooking. But before starting with these, I would like to share one last DIY project I did for my mom when I was in Turkey.

Before / After

DIY: Ethnic shoes

While getting closer to fall, lot of things have changed in my life. I have graduated again and now I have my M.S. degree in engineering. Other milestones will be announced later :) 
For today, I have a little recycle project. I painted my shoes again, similar to the old ones you can see here and here. Tutorial is below (click READ MORE!). Use the colors you like most, and create new looks for the late summer without spending much money :)


Sewing: Black mini skirt

After another paper-thesis-break from my blog, finally I am here to share new projects. The black skirt you see above is my favorite piece lately and it is a must-have for hot summer days, it keeps you cool and fresh with its' ultra-fine fabric ;) Sewing part is 'again' so simple. Get your black fabric and black elastic band. Check the following schema, prepare your pattern with following tutorial. Sew the skirt to the elastic band. That's all! :)
(The skirt I explaned below is the classic pattern for full circle skirt, I modified it in my project by lengthening the back for like 5 cm. You can also try other modifications)

Sewing: Aztec T-Shirt

This fabric came from Bursa, for about 0.5€. I used one of my favourite tee as pattern. As you know aztec is my favourite style of fabric, now you can understand why I am so happy in the next picture :)

Love and be loved,

Sewing: Asymmetric Tee

Hi everyone! 
This is my new asymmetric blouse. It has a super simple method. I tried to simplify it as much as possible. I didn't even use sewing machine, I just did some hand stitches. You will find the detailed instructions below, please click Read more!  Hope you like it. I'm looking forward to see your comments! =)
Make Love your goal!!
Love you all,

Sewing: Long Caramel Skirt

Here comes the caramel chiffon skirt I made recently. I used nude satin fabric for underskirt. I made up the model myself. I wrap the rectangle fabric to my waist setting the front parts on top of each other. Be careful in windy days! =)

Sewing: White Fringe Cardigan

I made this extra thin and light cardigan for cool summer nights. My mom helped me with sewing in detail. I will use it with this look for now, but when I get bored I will add colorful beads to the fringes. For more pictures click Read more =)
Hope you like it,

DIY: Clear Transparent Lomo Case

Here comes my brand new hand made Lomo Case. I love my Lomo so much that I made a hand made and trendy case just for my Lomo. I am inspired from new transparent bag madness. From now on I can carry my Lomo everywhere I go =)
I hope you like it!!!
For detailed instructions click "

DIY: Lace Shorts

I cut off the leg section of my jeans and transformed it into shorts. I added lace to each side to make it looser. For before and after photos click "Read more" =)

Sewing: Black dress

Sometimes all you need is a simple black dress. Despite of your full closet, I'm sure all of you feel the same way. I made this black dress after a similar closet crisis. I used one of my shirts as pattern and add some length. (Jersey fabric, Bursa Fabric Bazaar)

Sewing: Red skirt & Black velvet top

Just after my holiday in Spain, I was checking the new spring-summer collections. When I saw different types of crop tops, this combination came to my mind. I thought this will be my best outfit for spring and also will remind me of Barcelone when I wear them. Crop top is from velvet fabric and have a double breasted front pattern. The skirt is thick crepe fabric, high waisted straight pattern. I bought the fabrics from Kadikoy Bazaar. 

Love, idil.

Sewing: Long Striped Brown Skirt

The color may remind fall, but with the light fabric and side slit this skirt sure belongs to spring. I got the fabric from my hometown Bursa, and use this old skirt that my mom made for me as pattern. I made side slit instead of front slit, and simplified the pattern. For detailed instructions, please click the link below :)

Love, idil.

DIY: Aztec Handcuffs

After a long blogger-break, finally I am back with a super easy project. I painted this plain and simple handcuff which I bougth from Kadikoy in Istanbul, and gave it a whole different taste with aztec-style drawings. You can apply this to both wood and plastic. For metal work, I used waterproof permanent CD pen. 

Blogger, forgive me for such a long break, Love :)

DIY: My Valentine Necklace

Made with love, for you, or your valentine =)

DIY: Ancient Love Necklace

Some nations use necklaces as traditional attire for ages. Apart from appearance, necklaces means much more for some people. Maybe carrying the symbols they believe in make them feel comfortable, or maybe there is something deeper in the meaning. 
We may lose that deep connection, but continue the rituel for the love of fashion. This necklace is the first of many I made with love. You will see the rest in the following days. If you are interested just mail me. 


DIY: Marc Jacobs inspired bracelet

I fell in love with new Marc Jacobs maxi silicone bracelets. But it was so hard to decide which color to choose. So, inspired by MJ, I made my own maxi bracelet using all the colors I love. Hope you like it =)

Love, idil.

Knitting: Neck warmer

Handmade neck warmer for classy cool-weather style. All you need is some time alone, your needles and fluffy wool on which color you like. 

The pattern is very simple. See the images below:
1. Start with 25 stitches (or more, just be sure to start with an odd number) 
2. Purl all the way till the end
3. Remove the even numbered stitches from the needle (13 will stay on the needle)
4, 5, 6. Pull the removed knots till the end
7. Bind off and sew the ends

To see my old knitting projects click here.

Sewing: Stripe Vest

This project is the true sign that I missed summer already. The vest I made is a must have for all of us who love wearing leggings. Fabric I used is from Kadikoy Bazaar in ─░stanbul (1 TL). I used one of my vests as pattern. Hope you like it!!! :) 

Bumerang - Yazarkafe